Service Delivery Warranty

Argos Marine Survey warrants that its services will be performed with professional skill and all reasonable care.

We always aim for the highest standards and do not offer inferior or cut-price services to gain a competitive advantage.

We do not accept gifts or incentives in any form, from clients or third parties that could be construed, however tenuously, as having the potential to influence the outcome of an assignment.

We undertake insofar as is appropriate, to keep in confidence all confidential and sensitive information relating to clients’ private affairs that is divulged or discovered during the course of an assignment.

We strive for absolute client satisfaction and will act to redress any proven error of omission or commission in the performance of the work. At our sole discretion, we may offer a partial or full refund of pre-paid fees, or waive all or part of any unpaid fees.

We subscribe to professional Codes of Conduct* and manage all our business affairs both commercial and technical in a transparent and ethical manner.

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